Версия 1.10

Полный список изменений и исправлений

Новая функциональность

  • событие onSubmit для форм
  • target для ссылок меню
  • серии столшбцов в datatable


  • итераторы each и eachChild принимают флаг "all" для TreeStore
  • стили свойств в "flat" и "touch" темах
  • стили textarea
  • unsync API для backbone интеграции


  • not valid HTML for textarea control
  • focus in empty form
  • removeHotKey removes all hotkey handlers except of one specific
  • webix.ui usage for cell replacement
  • dynamic inputs can corrupt form's data
  • double rendering in window
  • changing month in main view (case of last day selected)
  • month changing in case of last days selection (like 31 March than go to Feb)
  • autosuggest in combo breaks after form.clean
  • backbone integration and empty collection
  • indeterminate checkbox styling and some other tree styles
  • cancel validation for hidden form fields
  • pager styling
  • preselecting combo and richselect options in case of custom template for list
  • options mapping
  • options mapping
  • carousel sizing (carousel was completely rebuilt: view-based, layout is inside)