Версия 7.1

вышла 3 декабря, 2019

Что нового в комплексных виджетах:

Breaking Changes

Данные пользователя в Comments

Данные пользователя в виджете Comments при загрузке или парсинге должны соответствовать формату @"Some Name". Теперь нет необходимости добавлять символы "", т.к. они добавляются автоматически.

Чтобы оценить влияние этого изменения на ваши проекты, а также получить информацию о текущей функциональности, смотрите статью о миграции.

Новые возможности


  • улучшенный скролл и драг-н-дроп на сенсорных устройствах


  • the incorrect touch detection on the latest iOs
  • the incorrect input focusing on Android
  • set fullscreen for absolutely positioned elements
  • Sidebar selection
  • RangeChart regression in DnD handlers for pointers
  • Comments resizes its textarea too many times
  • dynamic x\yCount
  • check modality and correct window's zIndex
  • the incorrect rendering Radar Chart with a single data segment
  • hover functionality incorrectly locates owner DataTable in some cases
  • "clear" button in IE doesn't trigger Webix events
  • the incorrect order of elements after drag-n-drop in Tree
  • regression in the server-side filtering in the Combo widget
  • regression in using object as parameter for setValue API of the Combo
  • the incorrect export of the Timeline widget to .png
  • styling of the disabled elements for different inputs and skins
  • view:"align" breaks on the content replacement
  • rendering of input with very small label width
  • the incorrect scroll state restoring after hiding the DataTable
  • the incorrect animation when multiple tabs added at once
  • popup does not close after clicking on a menu item with sub-items
  • better position and behaviors for popup editors in the DataTable
  • better memory cleaning on component destruction
  • multicombo doesn't accept numeric values
  • incorrect popup position within window
  • Datalayout can't be used within Form
  • button text position in Firefox
  • checkbox rendering in flat and contrast skins
  • tree item not properly selected anymore after applying and removing a filter
  • reconstruct doesn't work with Gridlayout
  • position of datatable scroll is not adjusted to filtering on Android
  • incorrect placeholder (with the apostrophe) in inputs
  • multicombo: apostrophe in id prevents item to get deselected
  • multicombo: wrong tag offset in material skin
  • datatable: no way to set CSS to the header cell with the filter
  • incorrect rendering of labels with very small widths
  • data sorting ignores missing values for int column type
  • grouplist: incorrectly renders elements added by .add api
  • webix_noselect class is not removed after drag-n-drop in Safari
  • datatable: scroll on touch in both directions resets vertical scroll
  • regression in combo icon rendering
  • regression in tabbar closing through close icon
  • regression in enter key handling in multicombo/multiselect
  • scrollTo in the Scrollview breaks scrolling on IOS
  • richtext: border is broken on Material/Mini/Contrast skins
  • closing an active tab in the Tabbar results in error
  • rendering issues with center and right alignment of the Combo
  • regression in the horizontal scroll of the Tree
  • the incorrect width of the MultiCombo in some cases
  • regression in the drag files on the Uploader button
  • the incorrect processing of the text drop on the Uploader area