Версия 2.1

вышал 26 ноября, 2014

Крупные изменения

Чтобы оценить влияние этих изменений на ваши проекты, а также получить информацию о текущей функциональности, смотрите статью о Migration.

Незначительные изменения


  • dataprocessor doesn't use scheme serializer before data sending to the server side
  • view.show works correctly for tabview
  • richfilter styling
  • styling for invalid radio button
  • dblclick events in the list
  • unfiltering multi-select filter
  • colspans in case of many datatables per page
  • validation and third-party elements in the form
  • destroy component in the tab after tab closing
  • non-existent hours in specific time zones (Brazil for example)
  • incorrect sizing for adjust command in datatable
  • scroll config option for datatable
  • sorting datatable in filtered state
  • using markSorting against hidden grid
  • error in math results in empty cell
  • edit events in liveEdit mode
  • htmlbutton template typo
  • segment button display on iOS
  • treestore filtering
  • regression in the carousel view
  • sorting of hidden column
  • adjustColumn against the hidden column
  • multiple multiselects per page
  • column d-n-d and rotated headers
  • incorrect parsing of width in complex menu while loading config from xml
  • export of data with special characters
  • reloading data in menu with hidden items
  • ungroup API inconsistence
  • IE mobile animation
  • mouse-wheel other custom scrolls
  • pie chart map clearing
  • invalid this reference in webix.require callback
  • addView can't be used with accordion
  • eachColumn works incorrect after column's reconfiguration