Версия 2.0

вышал 12 сентября, 2014

Крупные изменения

Чтобы оценить влияние этих изменений на ваши проекты, а также получить информацию о текущей функциональности, смотрите статью о Migration.

Незначительные изменения


  • ability to define popup as raw json config
  • active style for danger button
  • zero border radius in Safari
  • accordion labels
  • active content
  • adjust doesn't work for columns with string template
  • adjustRowHeight in grid with dynamic loading
  • bar chart border correction
  • changing master id doesn't work for bind forms
  • closing popup editors after editor closing
  • custom suggest types in combo and richselect
  • datatable lost sorting marker after column resize
  • datepicker in grid and empty value
  • icon sizes
  • icon tabs vertical align
  • IE8 compatibility
  • incorrect header size after setColumnWidth call
  • isBranch API fixed
  • loading xml data into template
  • popup closes after click on button in the list
  • regression in suggest and edit configuration
  • right split recalculation
  • serializing state of hidden filters in datatable
  • series in case of custom x-axis
  • series in chart with custom scale
  • sizing of carousel after adding/deleting extra views
  • slashes in templates
  • space mode ignores borderless setting of layout
  • text wrapping in the rich select control
  • textarea and label styles
  • type $css property for unitlist
  • yCount and context menu