Версия 6.3

вышла 25 апреля, 2019

Что нового в комплексных виджетах:

Breaking Changes

  • кнопки со стрелкой удалены (type:"prev", type:"next")
  • мы отказались от некоторых типов кнопок в пользу стилизации с помощью CSS

Новые возможности



  • Repeated calls can break the loadNext() logic
  • Custom loading can break if a component is destroyed before loading end
  • Tracking of cancelled data loading calls
  • Setting the initial Richtext value
  • ComplexData collapses complex Form and Property values
  • Close input's dropdown on a label click
  • Regression in item CSS for Sidebar and Dataview tiles
  • Regression in masterCheckbox CSS in Datatable header
  • Regression in Label alignment
  • Tooltip breaks if a target component is removed
  • Editor popup position while scrolling the Datatable with prerender:true
  • Setting Combo value of a dropdown click
  • Applying custom CSS for Template with the defined type
  • HtmlForm: don't reset input focus on clicking the inner input
  • HtmlForm: correct select box value if the corresponding option is not found
  • Autowidth for PDF export in the landscape mode
  • Styling of editors in Property sheet
  • Styling of label on a dark toolbar
  • Styling of right-aligned labels
  • Regression in callbacks for non-JSON data loading
  • Regression in hide/show view behaviors
  • loadNext() doesn't reject promise when blocked by event
  • Custom scroll can render itself incorrectly after drag-n-drop
  • Proxy view doesn't resize content on modification
  • Progress bar may not restart animation on fast hardware
  • Wrong progress bar when multiple showProgress commands are issued
  • View created in place of a hidden one is not visible
  • Tooltip in chart doesn't show info for second and next series
  • Tooltip throws a JS error in some rare cases
  • Form ignores the height property when scroll is enabled
  • Pager buttons in skin
  • Password window in pdf viewer is not destroyed automatically
  • Incorrect sync between pdf viewer and pdf toolbar
  • Regression in label auto-width
  • Items order is lost after drag-n-drop in some cases
  • Incorrect position of origin line in a chart
  • getFormView() can return wrong results in case of custom views
  • Drag-n-drop for multiple items from different branches in Tree
  • Localization is not applied correctly for the Comments widget
  • Calendar: Max and min date handling in year and month modes; some issues with key nav
  • Correct tree hierarchies export
  • Multiview remove active first view; add view on active index
  • Do not clear the field for which markInvalid was called during validation
  • Keep font family for autowidth operations