Версия 5.2

вышла 23 февраля, 2018

Что нового в комплексных виджетах:

Инструменты Webix

  • Snippet Editor получил новые возможности, а также обновлённый внешний вид
  • Form Builder получил набор контролов по умолчанию и новый удобный интерфейс

Новые возможности


  • Возможность экспортировать данные в форматах Excel, PDF и CSV
  • Возможность указать тип данных и формат дат и чисел в столбцах при экспорте в Excel
  • Режим "self" для метода queryView
  • У панели Dashboard может быть и хедер, и иконка одновременно. Хедер может быть комплексным
  • Возможность использовать ключ "data" в Menu в качестве алиаса для ключа "submenu"


  • empty DateRange filter mustn't cause filtering
  • $scope is not defined for subviews in Datatable
  • the order of headermenu options is the same as columns'
  • disabled view and AbsLayout
  • custom scrollbars within Dashboard widgets
  • negative values in the number format
  • DataTable selection marks with synced data
  • skin settings in Radio and Checkbox cannot be changed in dynamics
  • DatePicker with multiselect and stringresult
  • on/off labels don't change for the iconButtonTop toggle
  • Pie Chart doesn't have values for series
  • minWidth and minHeight don't work for Window, minHeight during resizing
  • DataTable print fails in the GPL edition
  • clearcanvas with respect to device
  • SVG-based widgets cannot be dragged within Dashboard
  • drag-and-drop from Dashboard to data widgets is not handled
  • panel icon CSS displays below the Chart
  • formatted input returns without initial value
  • remove the default invalidMessage for pattern, move "select" to the Combo part of locale
  • icons on Dashboard panels are rendered incorrectly
  • sorting with hidden series in Chart duplicates graphs
  • FlexLayout with padding grows on refresh
  • bidirectional resize cursor on Mac
  • level paging doesn't work for TreeTable with dynamic data
  • TreeMap item CSS
  • Tree multiselect:level
  • Multicombo doesn't take the suggest width when fitMaster:false
  • onChange in DoubleList fires before items are really changed
  • TreeStore dynamic loading of linear data: order exceeds total_count
  • GoogleMap fails to display data of the master collection
  • Sidemenu: unclear positioning features of the 'state' method
  • Window position handler fires twice oninit
  • correlation of Datatable spans, $row, topsplit and area selection
  • the Clear icon does not reset visual selection in Calendar
  • subview cannot open when hover css is applied to DataTable
  • fix in the Moveable mixin to extend widgets without _headobj correctly
  • webix.Touch.disable/limit() should block the dragstart handler
  • DataTable math doesn't work after refreshColumns()
  • textValue in Suggest should return string
  • localization for CheckSuggest labels Select All/Unselect All does not work on init
  • $scope in Accordion cells
  • dirty status for the MultiText control
  • invalid state of the Bullet Graph for 0 value
  • regression in dynamic loading from XML
  • optional native scrolling for touch
  • zero value and select filters in DataTable
  • ColorPicker CSS in the Property Sheet
  • DatePicker and DateRangePicker don't need pattern and format
  • strip HTML tags from spanned cells during export
  • the $setValue method of button doesn't paint the value