Версия 3.3

вышла 26 апреля, 2016

Breaking Changes

  • header и headerImage переименованы в docHeader и headerImage в конфигурации экспорта PDF. Также, свойство header представлено в настройке внешнего вида экспортируемой таблицы.
  • последний аргумент webix.event изменён. Теперь он принимает объект со свойствами bind, id and capture .
  • метод DataTable и TreeTable collectValues больше не возвращает пустую опцию.

Чтобы оценить влияние этих изменений на ваши проекты, а также получить информацию о текущей функциональности, смотрите статью о Migration.

Новые возможности

  • Виджет AbsLayout (PRO версия)
  • Виджет DataLayout (PRO версия)
  • sparklines для DataTable и TreeTable (PRO версия)
  • возможность отправлять json в Webix Ajax запросах через:
    • "json" proxy для Ajax запросов в пределах компонента
    • передача заголовка "Content-Type":"application/json" в событие webix.onBeforeAjax
  • drag-n-drop для сенсорных устройств



  • always suggest the first record if no items are selected in select inputs
  • option selection by typing its exact text in select inputs
  • vertical radio size calculation
  • possibility to configure header image of the exported PDF document
  • hiding columns from selected areas in Pivot
  • "light" gradient for bar Chart with small radius
  • changing month on day click in Calendar with disabled navigation
  • fix areaselection with column hide and show
  • Multiselect shows placeholder only during first rendering
  • filtering and optionslist in multiSelectFilter in DataTable
  • Chart destruction
  • history track in case of dynamic loading in FileManager
  • custom templates with links (link click fires "onfocus" event) in File Manager
  • onpaste should not be called with opened editor
  • multiSelectFilter and multiple options in data cells
  • tabs ordering
  • multiple views with ActiveContent
  • webix.toPNG can't be used with ID of HTML element
  • parameters for server side filtering and sorting
  • Html Form with clean/dirty values
  • escape url parameters with server filtering and sorting
  • inputs lost focus after paste on pages with clipboard enabled
  • add document footer to base locales in PDF export
  • Portlet events
  • drag position for custom drag text
  • Portlet Drag-n-drop on touch devices
  • touch events call for views with no scroll
  • correction for "illegal" characters in sheet names in Excel export
  • adding for collapsed Accordion item
  • cancel Window move at runtime
  • disabled Checkbox
  • removeAllSeries for RangeChart
  • columns reset in Pivot Table
  • add footer into onBeforeRender event for Pivot Table
  • stopEvent in File Manager
  • uploading and readonly mode in File Manager
  • counter as ActiveContent (blur handler is not called for buttons)
  • keeping selection color for invalid items
  • disabled style for buttons
  • hiding covered popup on modal area click
  • RangeChart throws errors in case of no data
  • setting the first value in Multiselect
  • per-grid subview storage to avoid clearing it for nested subviews
  • export DataTable columns with templates that require a column config
  • calculate Button autowidth on resize
  • bug with hideColumn and header colspan
  • tag navigation and disabled Checkbox
  • resizing of DataTable subviews works one way
  • masterCheckbox with dynamically loaded data
  • destructor() call for a modal Window
  • download and upload in File Manager
  • styling of DataTable icons
  • undo and changeId
  • calling changeId for same IDs
  • hide/show series in a Chart with no legend
  • scrolling of a DataTable with spans
  • corrected height of Calendar icons
  • focus in forms with complex structure
  • German locale