Версия 6.0

вышла 16 октября, 2018

Что нового в SpreadSheet.

Breaking Changes

Чтобы оценить влияние этих изменений на ваши проекты, а также получить информацию о текущей функциональности, смотрите статью о Migration.

Новые возможности



  • the adjust property of a column in Datatable doesn't set enough space for the sort marker
  • the rawValues mode in export to Excel will not affect export and flatTree templates
  • data saving through cache or local proxy doesn't work
  • HTML markup can't be used for data in config
  • can't define autowidth through UI defaults
  • autoheight for clean template
  • DataView with custom type fails on autoheight
  • hidden Uploader input is visible outside form
  • PageUp/PageDown keys should move selection according to the pager size
  • Combo & RichSelect can load a data collection directly
  • GraphQL should be GPL
  • no border for AccordionItem body
  • null and undefined as values for Textarea in IE
  • missed $scope on subviews in DataTable
  • apply zoom while calculating custom scroll containers for DataTable
  • data saving in the offline mode
  • browser selection is not canceled on blockselect() in IE
  • areaselect should be expanded on Shift
  • yCount and Menu widget
  • prevent multiple area selection on Ctrl+drag
  • track failures with export functions
  • styling and behavior of the FormInput control
  • tab handling in the HTMLForm view
  • don't focus inputs in disabled views
  • regression in scrolling and resize in the Datatable
  • y-scroll for data container
  • adding item to Tree/TreeGrid with dynamic kids
  • regression in Multicombo suggestion
  • Сombo editor doesn't find suggested value on apply
  • Multicombo unfilters list while input size grows