Версия 5.3

вышла 24 апреля, 2018

Что нового в комплексных виджетах:

Инструменты Webix

Новые возможности



  • refresh filter in Datatable when a collection is loaded/updated
  • regression in Datatable math handling
  • correct handling of $r in Datatable math after ID change, using $r in a custom math command
  • refresh Datatable columns with x-scroll after soft clearall
  • regression in the header menu for Datatable without hidden columns
  • regression in hover handling for Datatable
  • double data loading in case of the topSplit mode in Datatable
  • preserve animation while refreshing Gage
  • ability to update the current Gage config
  • the.clear() method of the Property widget should be public
  • regression in Combo filtering checks
  • Combo sets the first value instead of reverting after pressing Enter
  • Dashboard should trigger onChange when reset
  • $scope for Carousel and ScrollView
  • Googlemap marker is recreated instead of being updated
  • regression in Window positioning
  • incorrect headers for dynamically created Accordion
  • incorrect getValue for an empty DatePicker with multiselect
  • the Today icon should set the current time only with an enabled timepicker
  • regression in FormInput sizing
  • regression in Multitext getValue behavior
  • DoubleList clears a synced collection on destruction
  • Prev/Next buttons are disabled incorrectly
  • apply locale priceSettings before extending them with the current ones
  • fix div position during autowidth/height calculations
  • edit by the hotkey creates an editor before the onBeforeEditStart event
  • run a hotkey action only for visible inputs
  • apply custom export type before cell data are modified
  • DataProcessor doesn't trigger error events on empty response
  • check for editable property before trying to open the editor
  • undoOnError triggers second data saving
  • Italian locale is improved