Версия 4.4

вышла 27 июня, 2017

Что нового в комплексных виджетах:

Breaking Changes

Чтобы избежать путанницы, Google-карты были удалены из репозитория компонентов, но их продвинутая версия остаётся в пакете и доступна под обеими лицензиями. Чтобы оценить влияние этого изменения на ваши проекты, а также получить информацию о текущей функциональности, смотрите статью о Migration.

Новые возможности



  • changeId for top items in the Tree sometimes doesn't work
  • parsing date from %c format
  • using setColumnWidths against a hidden column in DataTable
  • %c options in date conversion break for dates with timezone info
  • webix.extend ignores false values
  • active content destruction from click handler
  • preventing extra click events in Uploader
  • selecting not loaded yet records in the Datatable
  • regression in dynamic loading during scrolling
  • Datatable onBefore/AfterUnSelect events fire only for CTRL+click unselecting
  • Datatable colspan in footer and columnGroup in header result in crash on collapsing
  • Multicombo getText returns empty data
  • Datatable with editMath: editor opens the formula only once
  • prevent from an attempt to locate item in a destructed view
  • Google-map: prevent from multiple including of api files into the document
  • Tooltip does not fit into screen size
  • Window with fixed header width
  • asynchronous data with richSelectFilter and column fillspace in Datatable
  • hidden series in Chart preserve active areas
  • soft clearAll for TreeStore and Google-map
  • Portlet inside Scrollview
  • animate:false in Carousel view
  • get formatted date for ExcelViewer instead of raw number
  • Datatable scroll position after hiding columns on touch devices
  • Datatable scroll with rowspan and leftsplit on touch devices
  • clearing Colorboard value does not work
  • check for readonly options in plain HTML input as suggest master
  • Datatable activeContent: calling locate() returns null
  • grouped columns In Datatable: expanding also triggers sorting in the first column
  • Form Input can display validation messages
  • locate dragged item over empty area
  • drag-n-drop fails when mouse leaves document body
  • loading subviews using Webix Jet menu on touch devices
  • incorrect auto-loading calls for datatable with custom row height
  • dynamic loading may ignore second call for the same data range
  • add tag when separator is entered in Multicombo input
  • deleting tags on Backspace in Multicombo
  • keepText property lets the data stay in input with newValues enabled in Multicombo
  • hide columns in a fully x-scrolled Datatable
  • i18n translation for Calendar and Richtext
  • toggle's ambiguity with string values
  • returning false from onBeforeLoad doesn't prevent loading data
  • encoding fix in CSV export
  • text controls should display numeric 0 value
  • regression in built-in editors on touch devices
  • Datatable subrows cause row rendering issue during scrolling
  • readonly Combo: keydown invokes a suggest popup
  • incorrect escape template in strict mode
  • overflow CSS for modal Window
  • Datatable shift+key multiselection fails in case of string row ids
  • text of header menu items for grouped columns in Datatable
  • bar-sparklines with origin lesser than values
  • correct scroll after column size changing in Datatable
  • remove space prefix for CSV export of hierarchical components
  • saving state for Datatable with fillspace
  • duplicate generation of the empty option for richSelectFilter with custom options
  • loadBranch method ignores url parameter
  • CSV export regression: the output file has two header lines
  • Sidemenu positioning: wrong padding value
  • call to a non-existent $init method in Select filter
  • style for editable Datepicker as a filter